Song Lyrics

One of my favorite songs of all time was Plush by STP.

Up until about a week ago, I thought it was a guy thinking about some girl after they separated. My misheard lyrics include ‘Where you going when the masks are found?’ which I thought was the guy wondering what she would do when other people found out she wasn’t as cool or popular as she appeared. Further misheard was ‘When the dogs begin to smell you, will you stand alone?’ as in, when the people coming after you find you (in light of discovering you’re not as cool as you appear), will you stand by yourself as who you are? So on and so forth.

I’ve always liked the track because I thought it was a melancholy but somewhat reasonable lament after a breakup/loss. The guy didn’t seem mad or too upset, just sad and a little melancholy. He’d gotten to know this person, and now she was leaving.

That is not what Plush is about. There’s a lot more murder in lyrics, and now I have a hard time listening to it at all.