Twilight in Heaven Slang

I use a lot of fake slang. Most of it is intended to be similar to real world slang. In a lot of fantasy stories, the author indicates impossible/unrealistic things with italics or something similar with an aim to aiding the reading. I don’t like that because it breaks immersion; I want the characters to react to in-world things as if they’re just as normal as other in-world things. But I do understand that it makes life easier for the readers.

With regards to made up slang, hesh is similar to brother, though a bit more informal and close.

When Kog refers to getting hip action double-dirty, that’s not an extant boxing term, but it’s the sort of term people use in martial arts. Think baseball players calling pitches ‘stinky’ or ‘dropping bombs’ in striking.

The hungry plants have no analogue in the real world. They’re big things that look like Venus flytraps, but they eat trash. They will eat people if they can. Now a sober person, even sleeping, will probably wake up when the thing closes on them, but a drunk or injured person won’t. Hungry plants do have large, wet tongues they use to spread trash and introduce bacteria and other decomposing agents into a mouthful. They don’t have teeth, but they do have coarse hairs.

The words of power are a little different. They’re even more alien to reality, but in-world, they’re literal words. These are utterances that must be said with power, and they’re part of my world’s Cassirer magic system. In-world they’re not magic, though. They’re not sorcery. They’re verbal physics. Saying them with power means shouting, and their range is acoustic.


How many people do you think actually believe the world is flat?

I bet there are two groups. The first is people who never really think about it, but figure it’s probably flat. If you go outside and look, the Earth looks flat. So they just put it in back of head and move on.

The second group is believers who actually think about it, and I bet their argument is ‘The government is lying to us. The government says the Earth is round. Therefore, it is flat.’ Ignoring the logic for a moment, this group is the one that actively believes the Earth has a shape and puts some kind of effort into maintaining the belief that shape is flat. Or anything, really, but a oblate spheroid.

Don’t come at me with oblate ellipsoid arguments. I will hold you in low regard.

Anway, there are probably very few people who actually believe in the flat Earth in any meaningful sense, and I’m certain I spend a lot more time thinking about them then they do about me.

Why can’t I see the Appalachians from the top of Pike’s Peak (if the world was flat)? There’s nothing tall enough to block the view in the way. I was just up Pike’s Peak. I didn’t see the Appalachians. I checked.

They don’t care, but I am so curious.

Movie Details: DnD Honor Among Thieves

There’s a scene in the DnD movie Honor Among Thieves where a danger is evaded in a snarky way. Chris Pine says, “Well, that’s hurtful.”

I defy you to watch that scene and not think it’s a PC talking to a GM who is grinning like an idiot. You know that GM is laughing. You know he, and it’s definitely a he, thinks he is so freaking funny. He’s not even on camera, and you know exactly who he is.

And yeah, GM/DM, whatever. I’m GURPS OG.

Acura TLX

I’ve been looking at the Acura TLX type S. I wish there was a way to chop two feet off in the middle, merge the B and C pillars, and make it a coupe.

It’s a handsome car. The grill isn’t that nice, but the interior looks pleasantly mechanical. I guess retractable screens aren’t a thing. They probably break too often. Other than the poorly integrated screen, the inside looks like an excellent place to spend time.

Why do the rear seats exist? People aren’t going back there.


ADAM doesn’t generalize nearly as well as SGDM, and you can really see that when you start using multiple dissimilar data sets. If I’m using a dataset with sharp divergences, ADAM just does not do as well.


I just saw a license plate that said ‘SUBA UWU’ on a Subaru.

How do you upvote someone in real life, then block them?