My Least Hot Take

I hard-core want to play DnD in Middle Earth.

Not some homebrew clase enough to resemble Middle Earth, I want to go full Bilbo. I want to see mountains again, walk the paths of Laketown, do it all.


Friend on Tinder: That is a bot.

Short pause.

FoT: A hot bot.

I never really understood how Odysseus’s crew could fall victim to the sirens, but it seems I unfairly doubted Homer.

Block Breaker

If you get stuck, a good thing to do is to ask yourself what the characters would be doing if your main character wasn’t there. Then write them doing that, interrupted by the MC.

This is also true in real life. If you get stuck somewhere, ask yourself what the people around you would be doing if you weren’t there, and then try to make their lives easier doing that.

But for fiction, we have the plot.