Cryptic Warnings

The Book of Treacherous Prophecy says, “When you get to the fork in the road, go left.”

Player 1: “That’s confusing.”

Player 2: “It’s a prophecy. You know how they try to mislead you.”

Player 3: “Hey! We’ve come to a fork in the road.”

P1: “Just like the prophecy foretold! What do we do?”

P2: “We go left.”

P3: “But what does ‘left’ mean?”

P2: “I don’t know. You know how those prophecies mislead you.”

P1: “Left is the opposite of right, right?”

P3: “Right.”

P1: “And the book wants us to go left.”

P2: “Right.”

P1: “So we should go the opposite way.”

P3: “Right!”

P2: “To the right!”

P3: “Good thinking all around!”

Players fight a dragon. Truly, the book is treacherous.

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