Do we all know Dracula is a don’t-have-sex book?

The stranger, tall, dark, and handsome, but also foreign and exotic, comes to London to visit. He sneaks into the maidens’ bedrooms at night, there’s a lot of neck kissing, and he takes their fluids. They die. First they give it, vampirism, to other people including an infant, but they die.

John Harker, who visited Dracula in his run-down castle, was delayed by Dracula’s three wives in their bedroom. He wasn’t doing that in Victorian London. The castle is full of towers, but broken and tumbled.

I was talking to someone about Dracula, and I mentioned it’s a sex-book. The sex is subtext, but it’s super obvious once you realize it’s there. The other guy looked at me strangely. It’s a don’t-have-sex book, but that’s like slasher movies. A bunch of sexy teens have sex on a beach, and they die. In Drazula, a bunch of sexy people have sex in London, and they die.

Ninety percent of you are reading this and thinking, yeah, of course. But for the someone who never really thought about it, that’s what it’s about. Also, vampires.

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