Random Conversation

I stopped to talk to a guy at my building’s smoke pit. He mentioned he lost his job, and while that was a problem, there was no other choice than moving on.

Keep going, get a new job, apply for unemployment if necessary, but go forward. This is hard and discouraging, but the truth of that doesn’t negate the truth of needing to get going again.

I don’t really have anything in common with this guy, but he’s a nice person. I don’t know his name, and we’ve talked a few dozen times. It’s interesting to hear the same issues, worries, and plans coming from someone in a different situation. The great commonality of mankind isn’t unknown and yet surprises me.

Just an odd conversation. Maybe a bit of humility, and a bit of a kick in the rear. Keep going.

There may be something in there about the importance of everyone you meet.

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