Enthusiast websites

In ‘Office Space’ Jennifer Anniston worked at a Chili’s style restaurant. Her boss criticized her for not wearing enough flair, ie not showing enough enthusiasm. It was made out to be one of the mundane little torments of the modern age.

It was a really good scene, btw, because of the lowkey way Anniston played it. I got the impression she’d wear more flair if necessary but just wanted to know the standard. Her character came across as very mundane yet agreeable, which was the reasonable reply to that little torment. If your boss wants you to wear more buttons, you don’t march for JUSTICE! You just wear more buttons. You also maybe look for another job.

Anyway, I follow a few car and motorcycle enthusiast sites, and some of the writers clearly don’t like cars. If they do, they are incapable of conveying enthusiasm. What’s the dividing line between demanding the employees wear more flair and saying they’re not doing their jobs supporting the hobby?

Is the appropriate reaction for me just not to read these authors or visit these websites? I do do that. But the blogs are effectively selling enthusiasm, so it’s not a peripheral product. In Office Space, Anniston’s character technically sells food. The analog for a car blog would have Anniston’s job modeling buttons.

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