The Nine

So I’m now a chapter ahead, and I’m not sure if this idea will pan out. I’m trying a few different things.

The first, obviously, is holding off until I get something working. This is actually much more pleasant for me, because it lets me play with ideas for a bit without putting them down too early. It’s also how I do books.

The second is a change in feel, which I’m not sure how to describe. I’m just doing something different in the way I think going in.

The third was I reread the whole fic and rediscovered a whole bunch of really interesting little subplots. I normally go Setting > Characters > Plot, and previously I’d been skipping on the Setting and going straight to the Characters. That doesn’t work for me, and I’ve known this for a while. But I get impatient. I had been thinking, ooh, but if I just jump right into it, I’ll get done faster!

Have you seen my update history? ‘Faster’ ain’t happenin’.

Fourth, I checked out a copy of the Silmarillion (mine is inaccessible due to Covid issues), and I’m rereading it. I love this book. I love the gravity to it. I love the writing. I love the feel, the texture of the words. It doesn’t really have characters, but instead of bothering me, that intrigues me. It leaves all the characters there for me to create, manipulate, and watch. It’s like my own Minecraft.

Anyone who hates Minecraft has no joy in their soul. That is a wonderful game. I should reinstall Minecraft.

But similarly, I don’t play MC for Frank (or whatever his name is. I never cared). I don’t read the Silmarillion for Feanor.

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