Fitness in isolation

Colorado has issued stay at home orders, (20-22) and (20-24), closing a variety of businesses including gyms. My apartment does not have a gym, I don’t know if I’d go to one if it did, and the one time I did a simple workout inside, my neighbors complained. It’s an old building, so I might have been shaking the walls and floors even if I didn’t make much noise.

Reading the stay at home orders, exception is given for “walking, hiking…running, etc.” Explicitly allowed is “Outdoor fun, with people physically distanced at least 6 feet apart at all times” (id.). A sign at De Boer Park from the city of Denver says park attendance is allowed for exercise for adults, but again repeats the importance of social distancing and not congregating in groups. I interpret this to mean my workouts alone once a day are permitted provided I stay away from other people. In case I do have to talk to someone, I bring a mask.

The park is a block and a half from my house so I have to carry my equipment. There is no public equipment like bars or cages. The park does have stairs, but the track is closed.

I have a 8′ steel bar, 1.5″ in diameter, just shy of 50lbs (23kg or so) and chalk.

Supersets x3
3×2 flights of stairs
50 jumping jacks

Supersets x5
2 flights of stairs
5 pronated deadlifts
5 alternating grip deadlifts
5 other grip deadlifts
5 hang clean and press
5 bent over rows (Pendlay)
5 shoulder press
5 pushups, feet elevated 2 stairs

Then it started raining, and I couldn’t tell if thunder was coming. I don’t want to be carrying a steel bar in a thunderstorm, so I hustled home.

Clearly this doesn’t do a whole lot for my back, chest, or core. It’s not nothing, but they’re getting the short end of the stick. That needs to be corrected in the future.

Some notes: has information regarding the current state of affairs with respect to public health. I haven’t heard or read anything that says going outside to exercise is allowed but heavily discouraged. If that comes out, I’ll stop, but for now, being young, exhibiting no symptoms, and living alone to put no one else at risk, I think I’m following the spirit if the orders and not just the letter.

Resistance bands on Amazon are out of stock and delivery is like a month out.

Exercise equipment stores are sold out of EVERYTHING!