Proofs and Parks

There is a lie floating around that ‘If you find a job doing something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.’ This is wrong. This is nonsense. I’m going line by line, backwards, though a book proof looking for misspellings. I go backwards because that way I look at the individual words and don’t get distracted by the story. Publishing this story is doing what I love. This is it. This is the goal. It’s work. I’m going backwards through just under 300 pages looking for misspellings.

Find a job you love and be ready to work at it.

I changed up the workout a little today. I’m trying to dial it in to maximum effort. The issue is that if I make it too hard, I have to take longer breaks to breathe, and the whole workout becomes easier. If I make it too easy, it’s too easy. I also have other things to do with my life, so I can’t get wrecked to the point I lie down for the rest of the day.

Warmups: 7:40
50 Jumping Jacks
3×2 flights of stairs

Work (including rest after warmups): 28:12
2 flights of stairs
5 pronated deadlifts
5 alternating deadlifts
5 alternating deadlifts (other grip)
5 hang clean and press
5 bent over row (Pendlay)
5 front squat
5 shoulder press
5 pushups with feet on second step (I try to jackknife, so I’m pulling my hands towards my feet while I press up. The motion is a little weird, but I felt it in my back)

Assistance (including rest): 18:16
2 flights of stairs
5 windshield wipers, center, side, side, must see toes over bar
5 bench
5 side-to-sides (played with these. First were low plank position, elbows on ground, stepped through right and left for one. Second set was same start but I rolled over so the outside of my outside foot and inside of inside foot touched the ground, each side for one. Finally did full plank, arms straight, and stepped through each side for one. I’m not enamored with any of those, so I’ll keep experimenting)

Total time was 54:08.

I was lightheaded almost the whole time, and I’m still feeling it. I don’t do a whole lot of these low to no resistance circuits, so they’re unfamiliar.