Hector and the Fairy Godbear

“That’s it!” yelled Mom. She forgot she wasn’t yelling. “You’re grounded. All of you. For two weeks!”

“No!” we cried.

I couldn’t be grounded. I needed to go outside! It wasn’t even my fault.

But Dad looked at Mom and said, “You’re really taking one for the team here, aren’t you?”

Mom blinked at him, and then she squinted.

Dad said, “Finals start on Monday. You’re locking the kids in here with us for two weeks during finals. I support you no matter what, but I give Scantron tests and you give essays.”

Mom stopped squinting as her eyes opened very wide. She turned a strange color of white and pink.

Dad turned to all of us. “Change of plan, kids. You’re banished on pain of death. No one is allowed inside between school and dinner for the next two weeks.”

No! I couldn’t be banished! If I had to stay outside, I’d die. It was cold. There could be bears.

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