Just one

You don’t need more motorcycles! You’ve already got one! No more.

Unless you’re totally changing paradigms, like getting an adv bike when you already have a cruiser or street bike. But that’s like a different thing.

But that’s it! Two motorcycles and no more!

Unless you get a Grom, because they’re super fun and so small they’re barely even bikes.

Three motorcycles. Don’t buy another.

Another internal combustion engine bike. Electric bikes are fun too, and they’re good for the environment, and you want to help the environment, don’t you? Also, the silence is super weird. All you hear is chain and tire noise. So four motorcycles. Then you stop!

Buying modern motorcycles. Respect your heritage. Get a Vincent or something if you can.

And a project bike.

And another bike to be a parts bike for the project bike.

And then you stop!

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