Marvin Applewhite

In the wake of the Minneapolis protests and riots, locals are coming together to clean up. One of the leaders is Marvin Applewhite.

He has a GoFundMe, but I can’t confirm any of the details in it. I don’t want to post a direct link because it might be a scam. You can find it by searching for “Marvin Applewhite GoFundMe.”

A couple of thoughts struck me.

The first, which someone commented, is that the news doesn’t show this. I don’t think most news is inherently biased to show minorities in bad light so much as they only show the bad light of anything. It’s the old ‘people aren’t out to get you, they’re out to help themselves.’ The news is very much going after sturm und drang. So of course riots and arson will get primetime coverage, and that’s going to dominate over the people trying to help and repair. That’s not right, but it’s different.

Secondly, from pictures, I believe people are out there trying to fix things. In the wake of the anger, people are cleaning. There always are.

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