It’s been an interesting week in the USA.

You generally find what you’re looking for, so let’s look at some of the good things going on.

The Dragon spacecraft was delayed and later launched successfully. Good on NASA for making the right call to wait, good on the many people who build the thing, launched it, and are monitoring it now.

Various members of their communities came out to clean up someone else’s mess in cities like Minneapolis and Atlanta. People are rising to the occasion. If society grows when old men plant trees they won’t sit in the shade in, society heals happens when communities clean up wreckage they didn’t break.

Pandemic fatalities in the US and much of Europe are coming down significantly.

Mara and the Trolls comes out Sunday night/Monday morning in kindle format.

Target fixation is a thing in car driving, wherein if you look at something, you’ll probably drive your car there. On a track they tell you to look at the road, because if you look at the tree, you’ll hit the tree. In life, look at the positive. Accidents happen, but you’ll probably head towards where you aim.

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