Observations on RotK

While the hobbits of the Shire showed remarkable resilience to the Ring’s temptation, Smeagol and Deagol fell faster than…

Saruman’s quick death at the beginning of RotK is legit a good change. Like, I understand the messaging for Tolkien’s sons, but for the movie it was a good change.

Legolas being incapable of getting drunk is not a good change.

The reason I like this story is LotR is the battle against despair. It’s not melodramatic or nonsensical, and yet it’s a psychological duel between cultures. I have not the depth.

Okay, like seriously, if a dude says, ‘I do not fear death’ and walks into a spooky cave, I ain’t following. That dude ain’t going anywhere I need to be*.

*After you argue, my counterargument is going to be, ‘Yes, but what if he’s an idiot?’

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