On Your Left

I’m a fairly fast walker.

I was coming back from a grocery-store trip, and two girls were walking side-by-side ahead of me. The sidewalk was a bit narrow. They were going slowly, talking. I slowed down a bit to overtake them where the sidewalk widened, as it expands toward the road with the little grass strip paved over for ten yards or so. This was on our right. They looked like they didn’t realize I was there.

I said, “On your left,” as I came up behind.

The girl on the right moves over into the wider part, but the other didn’t. I don’t think the other one heard me. The right-side girl waves and beckons, the other moves, I pass and say thanks.

As I’m two steps away, the right-side girl says, “We just got Captain America-ed,” in an undertone to her friend.

I’ve been laughing about that for ten minutes now. Ma’am, you made my day.

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