Rings of Power

Scenery gorgeous, special effects well done, and acting wooden. I’m not quite sure where the script goes. Galadriel’s ending made no sense to me unless she dies, which would really split from the lore, and the way they keep insinuating romance angles for her is perplexing.

Also, they got a lot of basic stuff wrong unless the Noldor are intentionally ignoring the silvan elves. Which would be in character for them but sort of odd.

I don’t really get why the plot relies on her not running around searching. I want her to search. Go travelling, Tolkien style. You’re in a Tolkien show. Walk around. Look at trees. It’s Tolkien!

But it really isn’t. It’s Amazon, and it’s stylistically identical to Wheel of Time. It’s like a Zack Snyder movie. It’s not whatever it claims to be; it’s Zack Snyder. And this is very Amazon.

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