March 14th is pi Day among American nerds. Yes, it’s lower case because that’s how I’ve always seen it, and pi day isn’t a very serious thing. To be a bit more accurate, pi is the lowercase Greek character, so that’s the justification. Really it’s just habit. We write month/day/year, so 3/14/YY. March 14, 2015 was a great day in the annals of useless date-based trivia, and I celebrated it greatly.

I think I had toast or something.

Anyway, as we dive into a cesspool of what will no-doubt become natinoalistic diatribes (actually, I just won’t approve any comments on this post) we lament those who lose from pi day: everyone who writes day/month/year. April doesn’t have 31 days, so they’re out of pi luck. I guess they could have pi on 3 Jan, 2014, but that comes but once a century. Lament with me. That’s 99% less pi.

People who write year, month, day, don’t get pi day but once a century either, as 2003/1/4 is past and 2103/1/4 is coming. I don’t know anyone who writes YY/DD/MM or Y/DD/MM. I am sorta curious, though.

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