Stef Doesn’t Have a Corvette

Stef Schrader has a piece for Road and Track.

I like Stef. The cute, puffalump bit doesn’t really work for me, but Stef is a straight-up car nerd. I like her authenticity. She’s also fairly optimistic and up-beat, and her articles rarely delve into indiscriminate complaining. Thirdly, when she has to cover some details about a car, she does the parts that should be professional professionally. If a car doesn’t have the straight-line speed of another, but handles better while breaking, that bit of story doesn’t need too much editorializing. When GM reports sales, I don’t really want to hear how Cadilac’s year-over-year sales changes are interpreted in the author’s views of social justice. I want a little context but inside the box. They’re cars. They’re cool and I like them, but let’s keep perspective.

This one’s a human interest story, but she can string a few sentences together to make a cord of memories. It’s worth reading.

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