Nissan Z

All the Z hype is getting a little fishy. A 400 hp manual starting at 35k?

From Nissan?

Old Nissan dropped the R35 GT-R for 60k. New Nissan sells largely the same car for 120k.

It’s possible, I guess.

The Stinger is more expensive for less power. The Stinger has more seats, though. The Supra is basically a BMW, and is far more expensive for less power with the same number of seats. The Mustang kinda has back seats, and depending on how you slice it, comparable power for comparable money. That’s the only one with a decent manual.

Who else is in the running? The Miata? Totally different cars and ethos. BRZ/86? Little cheaper, much, much less power. WRX/STI? Different ethos. Also more expensive for less power. The Corvette is a wobble, and no one, not even GM, cares about the Camaro. Civic Type R? Comparable price, almost a hundred less horsepower.

I just don’t see 400hp for ~35k.

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